A Play in a Brewery

Hi friends! A fellow member of the acting ensemble wrote these thoughts on his character in the show we’re currently working on. You could read them. Y’know. If you wanna.


photo1 I’m not the type to blog. Let’s start with that. I’m not the type to post my experiences for anyone (or no one as it will probably turn out) to see. The ironic part to that is that I’m an actor. A profession that thrives on attention, while I remain the greatest introvert of all time. I recently joined a professional theatre group, and a fellow ensemble member started a blog on this site. What she said touched me in a way, and I couldn’t help but share my thoughts as well. She recently shared a post about the “marinating” of actors. It was the truest post on acting I have ever seen, and I wanted to share my story on the subject.

Let me start with this summer. I took a twelve day trip to New York City to audition, see shows, and attend workshops. Long story short, I attended…

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