Ensemble: Or, Inside Jokes Made Manifest

Wonderful words from another ensemble member. Discoballtartuffe is the other mom in the ensemble, and a HUGE source of encouragement, and inspiration for yours truly.


Here we are: 



From left to right: MP, AD (a guest artist who understudied for JL while she was off having a baby), JL, me–ms discoballtartuffe herself, JM and MD. This Is Water Theatre’s first acting ensemble. 

We closed Going Dark on Saturday night. Nice big crowd and good vibes. It was a really solid closing show. Like I thought, once the show started I was too busy staying with it to be sad. Ain’t nobobdy got time for that, especially Vee. She had some havoc to wreak and being nostalgic wasn’t on her schedule. And, when everyone left the venue one by one that night, we all said some version of “See you Tuesday” to each other.  Because rehearsals for the next show, Spake, start in earnest on Tuesday and we have work to do. (Memorizing lines! Developing staging! Speaking Russian! Writing almost-Cyrillic!)

That’s thing with theatre…

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